You may create the most gorgeous cakes in the world but a critical step in marketing your product is in how they are presented to your clients. They say we eat with our eyes first and it is no different when a client is shopping for a cake. Photography that highlights your skills is crucial! You do not need a fancy camera and lighting set up (although that certainly helps) however the staging of your cakes can make all the difference in the world to a client who is browsing your portfolio and comparing your work to those in your area. I admit to using the old white foam core board backdrop for a very long time. Many of us do it. Wouldn’t it be great to stage our work in a beautiful setting? We cannot always carry cakes outside or to the beach or to a lovely garden. The next best thing is to bring the scenery indoors in an easy to use way! Brenda of Sugar High Inc has launched an amazing line of photography backdrops that let you do just that! I cannot stress enough the difference they make to your cake staging! The “bakedrops” are multiple sizes, vinyl and easy to clean, do not wrinkle unless you seriously abuse them, and she has so many gorgeous scenes you will want them all! What I like best is that Brenda offers such a vast variety and I can get longer backdrops to easily stage large wedding cakes. My photos turn out clean and professional and my cakes look their very best so that my clients can see exactly what I can do! Take a look at her shop and try one out for yourself and I promise you it will make a world of difference to your portfolio. It’s time to take your cakes to the next level!

Sugar High Inc Bakedrops