At first I thought steampunk was just a wicked cool looking part goth part robot part sci fi “style” but it really has a deeper message. Or maybe I am just really good at seeing messages in anything and everything. Taking bits and bobs of things and building something new with them is a very cool idea. For this design I was walking through the house wondering how I was ever going to make a bird for the top of this cake and I literally tripped over a toy on the floor. I may have said a bad word. Looked down. It was a broken robot/transformer looking wing. Gasp! It seemed just a miraculous thing to trip on at the exact moment I needed to trip over something like that. So I washed it up dusted it with cornstarch and pressed my paste in to it and it was the perfect size perfect shape. We always have exactly what we need when we need it. It may take us tripping over it to realize we had it all along. There are times when happiness comes easy and there are times when although we are not unhappy we are not quite comfortable. Not quite living our potential. Straining under the weight of all that we could be doing if not for whatever that thing happens to be that holds us back. We get restless. Twitchy. Maybe even a little short tempered. Instead of moving like a robot through our days blaming everyone and everything for wrapping us in chains we cannot break I realized something. You have the life you have. You have the day you have. The moment. You have each breath. I realized that there is no such things as chains. There is no cage. Except the one we imagine we are in. Take what you have in front of you, each day, each moment. Even if it looks broken and busted and useless -it is not. Pick it up, examine it and open your mind to what you can turn it in to. You may feel like a machine day in day out but if you reach deep down you will find you still have wings, the cage springs open, you take the key in your mouth and you know that you will never be back in that cage again. You are meant to fly free and brave and shine your colors down on everyone you meet. Use the bits and pieces of yourself that may be tarnished and broken, polish them up until they gleam gold in the sun, and use them for a better purpose. Re-purpose your life. Re-purpose your self. Fly and be free! ¬†