It has not been that long since I began this cake journey. As with any business it can take a while to gain momentum and really start to have a solid client base. You have to have patience, which I am usually short on, and faith, which I have an abundance of. In the beginning of a business, especially when that business is an artistic outlet that you need in order to not lose your sanity some days, it can be painful to hear the words “That price is too high for me” or “Someone else said they will do it for less” or even worse “I have never heard of you”. Being professionals we say “I understand, thank you for your inquiry”. On the inside we some days want to cry out “Don’t you see how good I could be if you only gave me a chance to show you?!” For many clients it can be about the budget. Or the budget can really hinder the ideal of the cake they will take home in the end. Or maybe they just do not trust you because they did not go view your work first. For many of those who design cakes it is mostly about the need to create and make people happy- the financial aspect is just to cover costs and let us call it a “job” when it is really something we need with all our hearts to do. Yes sometimes we become frustrated when we are not chosen but we know there is nothing we can do. Someone else will make that cake for a smaller price and in some cases the cake may not be what you could have would have should have made if only you had been allowed. Which we accept as it happens every day and we are all free to choose where we shop and who we trust. There is nothing, really, that we can do. Right? Well…. if you are like me and have trouble sleeping once a design is in your head with no way out but one and a fierce need to prove to at the very least yourself that yes you CAN rock that cake then you will make the design anyway. It doesn’t matter if the person who had never heard of you ever sees it. Sometimes we need to roar. There needs to be a touch of ego in art to drive you to better yourself and to seek self challenge. You let that ego do its job and then you let it go and resume worrying about whether or not you will ever be as amazing as you want to one day be. Enjoy the moments when you rock that cake or whatever else you rock in your life. Flex your muscles. Practice your art. It only makes you more “ready” when that special client calls you. And they will. Have faith in yourself and work hard and they will call. Never forget to sometimes roar! photocrati gallery