Less than one year in to my cake design journey I was asked to create a cake by Cake Central Magazine. Honestly I thought the email must be some sort of mistake! It was a crazy time for me. I had recently torn a ligament in my knee and was far less than fully mobile and in a lot of pain. Despite that I was so blown away that I had been noticed much less invited to submit photographs that I knew I had to give it my all. The magazine provided a few beautiful inspiration photos and the rest was up to me. I always say that in cake design sometimes you “level up”. Something pushes your limits and becomes the catalyst for noticeable and quick growth. At this point I had never even made a wedding cake for anyone so this was my first. Teal and pink without a doubt had already become my signature colors or more accurately the colors I was obsessed with. This cake was what I had been waiting all year to make and the culmination of all of my determination to become good enough. For me this cake showed me that yes I can be as good as I want to be if I work hard and put my whole heart in to it. My friend Karrah Flores of Karrah Flores Photography (karrahflores.com) was kind enough to take the photos. And holy cow we made it to the cover of the magazine! I did not believe it until the magazine was released. Some days I still don’t. It makes me happy and nervous all at once even today. Wondering why and what they saw in me that they would even ask me to submit my work. Since this cake I have had designs published in other magazines also and every time I feel a bit baffled as to why they notice me but I leap and give it my all. By doing that “my all” gets even bigger and better every time which is an amazing thing. If you get a chance to really challenge yourself or do something scary and unknown be sure you grab it and give it everything. This is how we grow. This is how we break through our own boundaries and realize we really have no limits. This is how we level up.