During the holidays I had some free time and had really been admiring the Temari ball cakes. Also I had recently purchased a sports ball pan and really really wanted to make a spherical cake. I did some browsing online at different fancy ornaments and looked through my boxes of cake tools to see what I had that could be used. Growing up I always loved the shiny colored glass ornaments so definitely wanted my ornament cake to look as close to glass as possible. As with many other things I do in the kitchen all I had was a picture in my head and not much of a clue as to how to get there. I baked my cakes in the ball pan, ganached them together and covered them with fondant and decided to just paint it. Now when I paint a cake I really get in there. I use brushes, airbrush sometimes, sponges, paper towels, and also my hands. Yes, my hands. It is a multi tool process and sometimes I dilute my gel paste with vodka and sometimes I use it straight. For this cake I used it straight and really blended it in. Lots of finger painting here. Of course my hands were washed and sanitized because I am a little OCD about that. This cake was super simple to make. It took less than an hour. Really it did. I have to say- anyone can do this. I used some molds and I made a bow. My favorite bows are the ones with soft twisty curly ribbon hanging down and you can tell that in some of my other cakes. If I can make a loosely curled ribbon I will do it. To make that I just wrap the fondant around a dowel. It is ok if it doesnt stay twisted. Loose and soft is what I was after. So this super fast and simple cake was really well liked on my social media. It is shiny like glass. No secret tricks. It is just painted gel paste. The shine lasts a couple of days and if the cake goes in and out of the fridge the shine comes back if you happen to live in Florida. I was very honored to find that Cake Masters Magazine also really enjoyed this cake and included it in their December 2012 Issue 5. Blew my mind! Simple and easy and effective.photocrati gallery