It had been a long time since the miracle of being chosen for the cover of Cake Central Magazine and since that time I have watched many of my friends grace the pages multiple times. Of course after being happy for them I thought “What is wrong with me? Did too many people complain that my cover cake was horrible and they made a dreadful mistake using it??” No, really, I thought that. When Cake Central Magazine asked me a few months ago to submit a new cake I was ecstatic! I’m really not dreadful, yay! Then I eagerly clicked to see what my inspiration would be. And seriously did a double take and said “Squirrels?! What?!” Not couture gowns, gothic style or something else funky and cutting edge. Furry rodents. Really? I cannot tell you how many giggles happened as I whined to myself about missing out on the high fashion and moving straight to the furry. Then it struck me. Squirrels are CUTE! I sit outside every day and drink my coffee and watch them chase each other all over the back yard. Last summer we had a tree cut down and I even got to see a squirrel go flying from the falling limb and land in the pool then swim to safety. It was awesome! I really, really love squirrels! Yes maybe I love couture gowns more, but, yeah I can rock some squirrel art why not! So I got to work. My 5 year old son, Noah, loves to watch me in the kitchen. Especially loves to help me cook and work on cakes. I had been searching the ground at his pre k for the perfect acorn with a “cap” on it so I could make a mold. He helped me. We could not find any acorns with a cap so after a couple days of looking I started making them by hand. One day I picked him up and he was running at me grinning and waving his arms around yelling “Mommy! Mommy! Guess what!” and then he uncurls his little hand and thrusts into my face the teeniest tiniest cutest itty bitty baby acorn. With a cap on it. I was told he had gotten upset when his teachers refused to take photos and text them to me so I could see it. haha! Since this was a display cake I broke one of my cardinal rules which is “no child shall touch my cake. ever.” along with rule number 2 “all decoration must be edible.”  And we glued his baby acorn on with melted chocolate. It is Noah’s secret acorn. My favorite part of the cake. See if you can spot it! Together my little son and I brought to life The Tale of Timmy Tiptoes in cake. photocrati gallery