When I first met Marianne I was so taken with her. Young, sweet, happy and filled with excitement. She absolutely loved the cake flavors she tried and gave me the best praise ever- she said my lime cake is the best cake she has ever had in her life. You know a baker never forgets those words and whoever says them goes straight to our heart. Our lime tree must have heard her because instead of being ready for harvest in July or August like normal it waited until now to become ripe. I told her the tree waited just for her wedding so I could use homegrown limes for her cake. Marianne and Matt had a beautiful seaside wedding and when we delivered the cake even my husband was struck by how handsome all the groomsmen looked. So young and dashing and yes we felt really old after meeting them. I loved seeing the guys pull out their phones, start snapping pictures of the wedding cake and telling me how much Marianne was going to love it. You could tell they really care about her and how special she is to them. It has rained all day but the skies were clearing before the wedding. Answered prayers for the beautiful Marianne to have the wedding of her dreams as she marries the man of her dreams. So blessed to have been given freedom to create this sea themed wedding cake for her and her new husband. The summer is coming to a close, even here in Florida, and what better way to say goodbye to water drenched sandy days of leisure than with the celebration of two young people pledging themselves to one another. Wishing Marianne and Matt endless days of sunshine, sea breeze, and oceans of love.