One of my favorite types of cakes are cakes made for babies or to celebrate babies who are soon to be born. I cannot get enough babies! Seeing as how I have had 4 of my own I think it would be best for me to leave the baby making to everyone else and stick to making baby cakes instead! This cake was to celebrate the upcoming birth of baby Reed Michael and his Mommy had chosen a safari animal theme. This is a very common theme and I really try whenever possible to create something that is not the same as what you will find on Google images for a given theme. I was given photographs of the babies bedding which was Lambs and Ivy Baby Cocoa and I just fell in love with it. It really brought me back to when my guys were little cuties and I was immediately taken with the bedside lamp which shows a lion, giraffe, monkey and elephant with some tall grass sort of playing peek a boo over each others backs. It was precious! The design for Reed Michaels cake uses the colors and patterns from this lamp and most of the animals. Multiple shades of green with rich chocolate brown are lush yet natural, fresh and eye catching just the way babies like things to be. This still is my favorite baby shower cake to date and I look forward to seeing baby Reed Michael as a 1 year old big boy very soon.photocrati gallery