It is always wonderful to celebrate major events with families all over central Florida. There are so many things we rejoice in like weddings, births, anniversaries and birthdays. We also should stop and celebrate the loved one who has worked hard for his entire life to provide for his family. He has earned a rest and a chance to pursue hobbies and things that work has kept him from enjoying fully. In this case it is golf. Our newly retired celebrant left the life of a tow truck driver to pursue his enjoyment of the game of golf. Well deserved, sir, well deserved! His loving daughter, Mandy, arranged this cake just for him and while I was there she let me see her sleeping daughter who was still in her tummy when I made her baby shower cake. She is an angel and she has the sweetest most gorgeous Mommy. It touches me somewhere deep in my heart to witness a family celebrating and an even deeper place in my heart when I get to witness the happy changes in their family over a longer span of time. They let me be part of the love they have for one another and that is just amazing to me.photocrati gallery