In my mind I pictured a woman who was alone, with a past, and hurts inflicted on her heart which made it hard for her to open up and trust in love. Much like myself I suppose. This woman seemed cold on the outside, icy, aloof, some thought her unapproachable. In reality her heart burns fierce and strong and bright like the sun. Or a deep red rose against the sparkling snow. Her heart longs for her one true love and one day he finds her. Her heart begins to beat for him. The one person who understands her, accepts her, cherishes her for all she has been, all she is and all she will one day become. This cake is not for the woman who has fallen in love for the first time in her youthful innocence. This cake is for the woman who has overcome, been shaken by life, yet still retains her passion and hope. The woman who has sat upon her icy throne until her Prince finds her and melts the snow with the kiss of his acceptance and devotion. There is always a happy ending… when you love.photocrati gallery