I have loved every single moment of planning and making this wedding cake. It has everything that I enjoy most- It is feminine, floral, detailed, and blush pink! There are times when we fall in love with the cake design and there are times when we fall in love with the clients. When the planets are aligned just right we fall in love with both. Carrie has a small son who was recently diagnosed with a peanut and tree nut allergy. For a baker this can be a terrifying thing. You dwell on the potential for microscopic particles to somehow make their way in to your cake no matter what precautions you take. It probably doesn’t even work that way under normal conditions but…. what if?! Yes, my head is always filled with those horrible what ifs. I knew I had to be beyond organized and have allergen safe cleansing protocols in place as I had never baked for an allergic client before. Carrie was so very wonderful. Between the two of us we called every manufacturer of every single ingredient that I would use in her wedding cake. She was an angel. She helped me not be terrified that I would hurt her child and in turn I felt a fierce attachment to them both. I prayed so often during this process because it is just that important. It was such an education and I truly admire the people who live with food allergies in a processed food world where factories are not generally safe. They cannot rely on a description of a food. They cannot rely on knowing what should be in their food. You cannot always rely on product packaging either. When you call manufacturers they often times do not know what else may be in the room with what you are serving. If you call back again and get another person you may get a different answer! So it is scary. I made a Google doc and shared it online with Carrie and every item was reviewed and verified. In the end the petal dusts could not be verified as safe as they are repackaged and we just could not take a chance on her sons well being so he got his own little chocolate cake that day and every other ingredient in his Mommys cake was safe just not those sugar flowers. When Carries cakes were delivered and I drove home… I was kind of sad. She is a really great person and her little one stole my heart before I ever met him. This is one of those cakes and families that I will always remember.photocrati gallery