When a person really gets hot and heavy in to cake decorating they tend to become a little OCD about things. Things like having the smoothest finish, sharpest edges, cleanest lines. As much as I do love an element of the random to my cakes yes I at least try to strive for these things. Strive, I say, not actually accomplish. When someone asks me to make a rustic iced cake I both jump for joy and cringe. I jump for joy because I know I do not have to be perfect and flawless which are things I never am anyway. I cringe because it makes me twitch to ice a cake then not make it as perfect as Kristenly possible. Or to actually go back in and “mess it up”. The result, however, is really quite stunning in its simplicity and free form loveliness. Yes, I am now a believer. Flower making is one of my “things”. Not going to call it a specialty because there is still much to learn. Definitely flower making speaks to me and I love any cake which gives me the chance to make flowers. Especially flowers I have never made before. Succulents come in so many shapes, sizes and colors that really you can do most anything. They are not fussy to make and they are quite fast. The same as with a rustic iced cake the effect is beyond the effort. Combine the two and you have a real winner. Brides have so many choices now and so many images to look through. They know what they want. Christie is a smart and pretty young college graduate who, besides making me feel really old in comparison, taught me that my way is not always better. That a ton of detail and time and sweat and tears and stress can give you a showstopping result but so can simple, clean, pure. She taught me to trust my bride. And myself. And the two of us together working toward one vision. For that I will always be thankful. She doesn’t even know she did that for me. I do, though, and it is a lesson I needed.photocrati gallery