It is interesting the funny ways we can become connected with our clients. Melanie’s mom, Cindy, had been referred to me by one of Noah’s teachers a long time back. Those were the days when I was really just getting started and had an even longer way to go than I do now. Not much of a portfolio to speak of either. She had inquired about a cake and a long time had passed. I received an email with a suspicious link in my business account one day and thought to myself hmmm this name looks familiar. After some digging I found her inquiry and decided it would be nice of me to email her and let her know I thought maybe her account had been hacked. Aaaannndd see if she still needed a cake. So I did. Being bold is not my strong suit so this was unusual for me to do. Long story short I met with Cindy and her daughter Melanie and some friends and family and they tasted some cakes and we discussed designs. I am telling you Melanie is the most beautiful and sweet young woman. She just radiates kindness and is beyond gorgeous. The kind of woman who’s sweetness radiates in her face, eyes and smile. I was just so excited to be asked to make her cake and cupcakes and can really see this union lasting a lifetime. Melanie’s mom, Cindy, wore herself out taking care of this wedding too. I have never met a more loving mother. In fact if they would like to adopt me I would be thrilled. Cindy made the beautiful birds nest cake topper for her daughter to keep and it was just perfect for the cake and the wedding. You never know how you will connect with people. Maybe you speak once and they are never heard from again. And maybe, when the time is right and you have grown and are ready to give them what they need, they will be brought back in to your life in the most random way so never be afraid to reopen that door. You meet the best people that way!photocrati gallery